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About Us

Angela Henderson is the primary driver of the Sugarin UK business. Like so many of her contemporaries, her cake decorating journey began through making and decorating cakes for friends and family. Her skills evolved through making different cakes, attending classes over many years and learning a variety of techniques.

Her passion is making sugar flowers, piping butter cream flowers and cultivating real flowers.

Angela demonstrated Sugarin Flower Paste at Cake International 2019.

Her various tutors have included Paul Bradford, Suzanne Esper, Sachiko Windbiel and Rhu Strand.

Angela has always searched for quality products to produce quality results and occasionally a new desirable product emerges however finding supply is often a challenge. This becomes a frustration when she cannot get the product she wants and discovers there is not a suitable alternative available. The success of the business is built on the knowledge that if Angela has used it and likes it, others will to.

The search for "Flower Paste by Sugarin" led Angela and Allan Henderson to set up Sugarin UK with the mission to stock quality and market leading products at reasonable prices combined with speedy delivery.

The first product group was the range of Sugarin Flower Pastes and Edible Dust Colours. Additional products then followed with Stamens, Wires, Cutters & Veiners being added. We now stock over 600 products and deliver to most Countries and are rated on Trustpilot as excellent.

If you have experienced difficulty sourcing a quality cake decorating product or have a quality cake decorating product that you are looking for a route to market please do not wait on something happening, make it happen by getting in touch with us