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What pack sizes are available?

White FlexiPaste is available in 200 gram and 400 gram packs, there is also a bulk 1,600 gram which contains 4 x400 gram packs.

FlexiPaste colours, foliage green, peony pink and poppy red, are available in 200 gram sizes. FlexiPaste can be coloured with Edible Artist Oil Paints by Karen Portaleo, concentrated oil based colours or any other Sugarin or brand of colour. Altrnatively simply mix the FlexiPaste Foliage Green, Peony Pink, or Poppy Red with the White FlexiPaste to create a variety of lighter shades. (Watch for additional exciting colours to be released soon!)

Is it an edible product?

Yes, it is totally edible but not as sweet as traditional Flower or Gum pastes.

What does it taste like?

It has a subtle floral overtone making it perfect for small decorations to decorate Cupcakes, Cookies, Cake pops, confections, Entremets (desserts) etc.

Is it vegan?

Yes 100 % suitable for Vegan and vegetarians.

Can it be rolled thin?

Yes, thinner than any other commercial paste on the market yet retaining its structural integrity and strength.

How do you glue it together?

I have developed a special FlexiGlue that remains flexible for flower making, creating decorations like bows, dressing figures etc.

Please watch my YouTube tutorial FlexiGlue for Sugar & Gumpaste Flower Creations.

When you remove the paste from the pack what do you do?

Simply open the bag by cutting off the top where the provided notches are and open the seal.

(I recommend you keep the FlexiPaste in this same bag as it will keep the paste in excellent condition. Remember to always seal the bag when not in use.

I remove sufficient for my immediate project then lightly touch my finger onto white vegetable fat or shortening and use this to condition the paste. (Please watch how to use FlexiPaste in my YouTube tutorial.)

I prefer to roll out the Flexipaste on a little cornstarch or cornflour using a dusting pouch. Flexipaste can be rolled super thin if desired but will still have structural integrity and superior strength.

If you are re-using the paste for another project and you find the FlexiPaste becomes a little dry you can dip it in a little water or mist it with a fine spray bottle to soften and relax it. Also the paste may be put into a plastic zip-top bag and microwave for 5-10 seconds and then add a bit of water if attempting to soften a large amount.

How should it be stored and how long will it last?

There is no need to refrigerate FlexiPaste…Store at a comfortable ambient room temperature.

FlexiPaste has a stable 15-month shelf life from the date of manufacture. It may be usable after that time as the ingredient do not spoil or go rancid. To comply with food regulations, the product must have a use by date.

If using a large amount do I do anything different?

If you are making a quantity of flowers, bows etc you can take 50-100 grams out of the pack at a time, place it into a separate plastic bag or wrap in plastic wrap/cling film and then microwave for 5-10 seconds, open the bag or wrap and add some vegetable fat/shortening and colour if desired.

How long does it take to dry?

It depends on several variables - size, thickness, ambient temperature and humidity. Your petals can be assembled an hour or so after being made due to the unique properties of FlexiPaste.

Is it suitable for high humidity?

FlexiPaste is designed to work in any climate, including high humidity areas. It is starch based so is not as hydroscopic as normal flower or gum paste so it is far less likely to collapse.

If you have any questions, please email me at

I hope you will enjoy working with my FlexiPaste by Sugarin for all your flower making and other projects where you need flexibility!

Sweet wishes,

Chef Nicholas Lodge 💚