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Edible Clay by Samie JR

When it comes to sculpting or making a structure-based cake, it is an extreme challenge to work with shapes and to manage to put every part together. It is even more difficult to cover them seamlessly without any cracks or elephant skin.

After years of research and development, we have developed an edible clay which is perhaps the ideal formula.

Imagine a product that can solve almost all the problems faced when cake making. So here you go, a paste with the same properties as clay, which is edible and blends like butter. It can be used in almost in any climate including high humidity.

Handles heat, it doesn’t melt like modelling chocolate.

Handles humidity well.

Blends seamless without water.

Holds its shape.

Can be worked with over a long period, you can work with it for days on the same project.

Holds its shape firmly.

Doesn’t crack like fondant.

Takes any types of colours.