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Flexi Paste by Chef Nicholas Lodge

FlexiPaste is a starch-based speciality paste developed by me, Chef Nicholas Lodge, in collaboration with Sugarin to make beautiful life-like flowers. It can also be used to dress figures, make bows, can be used in moulds and so much more! Its flexibility lasts for at least a Month and this feature combined with its fine structure and workability, gives you perfect results with the benefit of extended working time.

A big advantage, unlike other flower and gum pastes on the market that become dry and brittle in a few hours, is that this paste is so much easier to use when it comes to wiring and arranging flowers on wedding or celebration cakes. Cake delivery and setup also becomes easier with the reduced risk of breakage. This paste is like an edible version of Air-Drying Clay.

FlexiPaste features the subtle floral undertone notes of lavender and rose. This floral bouquet is truly noticeable after a final steaming as the flowers release a beautiful fragrance allowing your completed arrangement to invoke a “spa-like” experience.

FlexiPaste is especially suitable for flowers such as the daisy, gerbera, sunflower, passion flower, dahlias and gardenias that are typically prone to petal breakage due to the shape of the flower and petal formation.

With FlexiPaste this will be a thing of the past due to its unique structural integrity and flexibility.

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