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Our Intense colour range is extremely versatile. Let us run through how you could use one colour in multiple applications.

Mass Colouration:
You can mix this in your fondant, butter cream, whipping cream, macaron batter, cake batter, ice cream, cookies, and just about any food item in the mixing stages.

Convert this into edible paints:
Use rejuvenator or Bakers spirit, high grain alcohol and convert it into edible paints that dry almost immediately. Ours are the only paste colours that are 100% mixable giving you a thick paint consistency that you can even paint opaque on just about everything including chocolate!

Use it with high grain alcohol/vodka/bakers spirit to make quick airbrush colours. The consistency should be watery and the intensity really depends on what you are looking for.

Use this to colour your butter cream:
It could be meringue-based butter cream or vegetarian butter cream, our colour mixes beautiful with the fats to give you complex and deep colours that are a dream!

Using intense colour concentrate with whipping cream:
It is advisable to tint your whipping cream with our colour and let it mature in intensity in the refrigerator for a few hours and then whip. If you are pressed for time and already have whipped cream use a small amount of the whipped cream then incorporate the colour into it and mix the coloured whipped cream to the remainder of the cream. This is advisable so your whipped cream doesn't lose volume or stiffness, due to over mixing.

Using with fondant or gum paste:
These colours mix beautifully with fondant, gum paste and flower paste or even pastillage. For extremely dark colours try mixing them and letting them mature overnight or even for a few hours to get truly intense colours. You can however use them immediately too!

With chocolate and cocoa butter:
It is NOT advisable to use these concentrates directly into melted chocolate or cocoa butter as they are not fat soluble. You can PAINT on chocolate when mixed with rejuvenator or high grain alcohol. These intense colour concentrates are TRULY INTENSE. A little goes a long way!


Are Intense Colour Concentrate gel colours?

No they are not gels. They have no water content. They also have a different viscosity.

What is the difference between Intense Colour Concentrate and other paste food colouring?

Intense Colour Concentrate are formulated to have higher pigmentation, are double strength and extremely potent.

Are they vegan?

Our colours are 100 % Vegan. They do not contain any product derived from animals, including milk and honey. They are Gluten Free, Trans-fat Free, Dairy Free, Nut Free and Egg Free. Products are FDA approved. They are also Halal Certified.

Can Intense Colour Concentrate be used in baking?

They are bake stable and can withstand high temperatures. Go ahead and use them in your favourite red velvet cake recipe.

What is the scope of application of Intense Colour Concentrate?

These colours can be used in buttercream, whipped cream, ganache, cake batters, macarons, royal icing, doughs, modelling chocolate, food, ice creams, drinks. They are extremely versatile and do not change the texture or consistency of food.

Can they be used in colouring chocolate?

Since they do not emulsify easily, they cannot be used to colour chocolates.

Can they be used as surface colourant?

Absolutely. Mix with a rejuvenator or Bakers spirit, high grain alcohol and convert into edible paints that dry almost immediately.

What is the best way to use these colours?

It is best to colour your dough or cream a day before and let is mature overnight to achieve extremely dark colours. These intensify and mature over time, hence are ideal to work with to create your favourite royal blue or burgundy colour. You can use them immediately too.

How do I properly store my colours?

We suggest you store your Colour Concentrate in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

How can I get the stains off my skin?

It is always advisable to use gloves if you are trying to achieve extremely deep colours. Use a scrub and handwash to clear the colour off your skin, dish washing soap can be used too.

What is the shelf life?

It is 2 years from date of manufacture.