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Sugarin Icing Colour Gels & Oil Candy Colours, Poonam Maria Prem Intense Colours

Poonam Maria Prem Intense Colour Concentrate

Intense Colour Concentrate is a collaborative product designed by Poonam Maria Prem and Sugarin, with the aim of providing superior quality food colourants, which are true to their name "INTENSE". These are double strength so a little will go a long way. Following analysis of the food colours already available on the market we wanted to offer something different, superior and importantly edible. It has been formulated to provide versatility. You can use this to colour varied mediums: Fondant, Frostings, Cake Batters, Ice Creams, the list is endless. You can use them directly, or with the addition of Rejuvenator/Vodka/High Grain Alcohol to create your own edible paints.

Icing Colour Gels are water based, ideal for fondant, are easy to knead with excellent mixing properties and brilliant colours.

Oil Candy Colours blend easily with anything containing oil as a major component like white chocolate or Butter Cream. Offers excellent mixing properties without precipitation or grittiness. Supplied in a squeeze bottle for smooth drops and easy handing allowing you to make smooth, glossy, grain free colours.

Our colours are 100 % Vegan. They do not contain any product derived from animals, including milk and honey. They are Gluten Free, Trans-fat Free, Dairy Free, Nut Free and Egg Free. Products are FDA approved. They are also Halal Certified.

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